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Apr 29, 2022

Unemployment in South Africa is soaring and many are forced to take any job they can get. Our 100th episode focuses on casual workers, who have the most precarious jobs.


01:58 - Annah Moreki

10:51 - Who are casual workers?

18:55 - Casual workers protest

22:39 - Rights and numbers

25:56 - What about the...

Apr 22, 2022

Amazon workers finally get a union with ripple effects in US politics expected. And liberation theology helped end apartheid. What role does it have in politics, inequality and exploitation today?


01:45 - Amazon scene setter

12:25 - John Logan

32:54 - Liberation Theology scene setter

38:02 -...

Apr 14, 2022

In this bumper edition, find out why politicians spoil the religious vote and so many Jews fought apartheid. Also, meet SA’s chief satanist and hear the music that makes Muslims dance.


04:04 - Mbhazima Shilowa

18:24 - Jonathan Ancer

30:46 - Lael Bethlehem

42:09 - Satanic Church

59:43 -...

Apr 8, 2022

Indian activist-doctor Yogesh Jain believes inequality in public healthcare is a global crisis. And, we look at religion’s role in instilling outdated attitudes towards sexuality.


1:48 - Dr Yogesh Jain

7:49 - Gender and religion

20:38 - Gay and Muslim

Apr 1, 2022

More than 100 000 South Africans have died officially from Covid-19, some anonymously and buried in paupers' graves. Hospital and mortuary workers tell the stories of the unclaimed.


02:15 - Covid’s nameless graves 

18:16 - Mojak Lehoko

27:56 - Song