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Jun 24, 2022

With more than 7 000 languages globally, we look at mother tongues. Can Kiswahili be Africa’s lingua franca? And we explore two people’s complex relationships with their languages: Setswana and Arabic.


02:20 - Kiswahili

19:27 - Setswana

29:42 - Arabic

Jun 17, 2022

To mark June 16, we unearth Afrikaans’ Black roots and focus on contemporary Black Afrikaans. Also, a new book on how Nelson Mandela led Umkhonto weSizwe to war against Africa’s strongest army.


02:34: Hein Willemse

29:24: Emile YX

41:05: Paul Landau

May 20, 2022

Abortion has been legal since 1997 in South Africa. Despite this, more and more women are risking their lives by going to unlicensed abortionists. We ask why.


02:33 - Abortions down town

08:39 - Catherine Burns

28:17 - Emihle Ntuli

33:51 - Matthew Kavanagh

Apr 29, 2022

Unemployment in South Africa is soaring and many are forced to take any job they can get. Our 100th episode focuses on casual workers, who have the most precarious jobs.


01:58 - Annah Moreki

10:51 - Who are casual workers?

18:55 - Casual workers protest

22:39 - Rights and numbers

25:56 - What about the...

Apr 22, 2022

Amazon workers finally get a union with ripple effects in US politics expected. And liberation theology helped end apartheid. What role does it have in politics, inequality and exploitation today?


01:45 - Amazon scene setter

12:25 - John Logan

32:54 - Liberation Theology scene setter

38:02 -...