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Mar 25, 2022

Sexual assault in South African jails is widespread but grossly under-reported. We lift the veil on this scourge. And, we pay tribute to murdered land activist Ayanda Ngila.


01:31 - Tebogo Mokobori

18:25 - Doreen Gaora

30:12 - Rebecca Gore

39:12 - Ayanda...

Mar 18, 2022

The struggle continues for Cape West Coast small-scale fishers after their court victory against seismic blasting. And, why is Yemen’s bloody seven-year-long war largely forgotten?


01:49 - Seismic Survey

17:07 - Wilmien Wicomb

26:06 - Aisha Jumaan


Host: Tebadi Mmotla

Guests: Martin Blake, Solene Smith,...

Mar 11, 2022

Progressive Russians say no to war. Is Covid-19 petering out? And though essential, did the world miss out during the cultural boycott against apartheid South Africa?  


02:22 - Russian anti-war

21:58 - Francois Venter

31:41 - Pacific Express

Mar 4, 2022

A new book celebrates Frantz Fanon’s seminal work as a shack dwellers’ movement applies his ideas 60 years on. Also, a Kenyan woman’s challenge to experimental music.


01:56 - eKhenana

16:52 - Nigel Gibson

33:05 - Nyokabi...